Our (November) Wishlist #1

PicMonkey Collage

Hope’s Wishlist

From left to right:

Michael Kors Rhea Small Zip Backpack
I don’t think a lot needs to be said about this backpack. It’s pure perfection.

Over the knee boots 
Over the knee boots are really in trend this season and it still will be next season.
I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair, but these ones from zara are very close.
ZARA// Boots
Tons of make-up
My make-up is so not slaying, basically it’s not existing. I rarely wear make-up and if I do I only wear mascara and eyeshadow.
Marina on the other hand always looks like it’s her birthday. She’s knows so much about make-up and applying make-up. It would be such a relief if I knew something about it too.
Purple Hibiscus
I just finished reading ‘Amerikanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Addichie and I absolutely loved it. I searched her online and I saw that she has a couple of other books including ‘Purple Hibiscus’. I can’t wait to go get the book and start reading.
Pharrell Williams Superstars in red
An all black outfit with these shoes? Just imagine it and there is enough said 
Nike Air Huarache
I have nothing to say about these shoes. I want them, I just want them. They’re gorgeous.
NIKE// Air Huarache
Baby pink lounge suit
Shirley B. Eniang was wearing this lounge suit in one of her videos. It’s so beautiful.
Does anyone know where I can get this?
Riri by Rihanna
RiRi by Rihanna is a flirty, floral melody of feminine, mischievous and playfully sensual notes. Inspired by Rihanna’s passion to always reveal her true self.
Givenchy Antigona medium black leather tote

collageMarina’s Wishlist

from left to right:

1. Losing Weight

I tried different diets and none of them worked for me. I was kinda dissapointed, but I realized I had to change my bad eating habits. I found a very informative website that describes what a balanced diet really is.  It really helped me out alot.


For easy recipes:


2. Coffee mug

I think this thermal mug is really cute. I need it .. because it’s cute and it describes my morning and.. it’s cute!

3. MAC lipsticks

These MAC lipsticks are just… PERFECTION. I love the colors, especially the color of the last one.

4. Michael Kors Selma Medium

The MK bag is also on my Xmas List but I wouldn’t mind if I get this earlier. I looove that shade of red. It’s is so small and cute. I just need it in my life ♥

5. A Window Opens

I don’t read a lot because I don’t have that much time. But when I do, I like to read a good book. My friend said this was a really good one so .. I would like to read it. Have you read it? Let me know if this is worth it or not 🙂

6. Knitted dress

I saw this knitted dress last week and I fell in love.
Imagine this dress+boots+ a black leather jacket= OH MY GOD *.*

7.Scented Candles

I love scented candles on autumn/winter days. They smell soo good and they also make my evening better ♥



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