Autumn is here!

Heyy there!

This is our very first blog spot and we are sooooo excited!
We thought it would be nice to start of with a challenge. Because this blog is going  to be a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, we instantly thought of the 30 days fashion challenge.
So here it is…

Day 1: The all denim outfit.


IMG_20150925_192003-1 IMG_20150925_192131-1         IMG_20150925_200231-1IMG_20150925_200313-1                      IMG_20150925_194549-1


 Top//Springfield  Jeans//H&M  Belt// Local Store  Shoes//Converse Coat// Mexx Ring//Teilor


IMG_20150925_224528-1-1                IMG_20150926_205338-1 IMG_20150926_205508-1     12


Top//Local Store Jeans//H&M Belt//Esprit  Shoes//Chaussea  Watch//Bijoux Brigitte


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